Website design.

There is more to a website than the way it looks. Every project starts with discussion of functionality and goals.


In addition to technical skills and experience (hands on keyboard), I’m a proven leader who gets big projects done.

A big part of my skills development over the last few years has been building automations into workflows for employees and communication automations for sales leads or clients.

  • Mapped client journeys for multiple brands.
  • Created and launched multiple email drip campaigns.
  • Built numerous quizzes, questionnaires, leads forms and surveys using tools such as Typeform and Gravity Forms.
  • Tied multiple systems together using automation tools such as Zapier.
  • Used platforms such as Google Looker Studio to build dashboards for performance tracking.
Creative visionary who isn’t afraid to try multiple styles. Comfortable with all steps of the design process. Below are some of the programs I work in for visual design.

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Canva Pro
I’ve been making strategic plans for over 20 years.

  • Lifelong learner.
  • Extremely adept at stakeholder discussions and seeking input from others.
  • Extensive planner who sees the big picture, but can work backwards to put it into small measurable steps.
  • Leader who keeps the big picture in mind and redirects back to goal when distractions arise.

Using tools such as SEMRush, have created and executed successful content marketing plans to speak to the right audience.

  • Planned content calendar for social media, blogs and email marketing.
  • Written engaging blog content.
  • Guided and directed copywriters.
  • Developed video scripts and content.
  • Guided creative team and freelancers in the creation of video content.
  • Built engaging quizzes and questionnaires for various stages of the client journey.

Always Learning.

As an avid lifelong learner, I’m constantly reading books and listening to podcasts. I’m extremely interested in topics regarding psychology, technology, and sociology.

This drive for knowledge has helped me to hone my digital skills. If I don’t know how to use a platform, I’ll learn by reading documentation, training videos and doing. Below are some of the platforms that I’m proficient in and have used over the past year.

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Google Analytics

How others describe my work.

“Describe Kate in one word? Powerhouse. As a manager you can only hope to have employees like Kate. She churns out an immense volume of high-quality work you’d expect from an entire team, yet all on her own. Her level of organization and technical prowess is awe-inspiring. She is motivated by continual improvement and proactively keeps her skills sharp, staying on top of all the latest innovations and advances to make work more efficient.”


Jodi Koch

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