Dramatic changes in our world have triggered businesses to reassess their digital marketing campaigns. 2020 has been filled with terrifying changes and challenges. Some are adapting and will continue to flourish, while others are no longer viable.

Many small businesses recognize the potential of Google Ads and start campaigns without consulting a Google Ads specialist or Marketing Agency. They do a quick setup and might even get some help from the support team at Google Ads. While you can get some positive results with a quick Google Ad setup, it’s usually not productive in the long run. Without strategy and knowledge, your competitors can outperform your quick Google Ad setup, and then you are paying money for poor performing campaigns.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve audited a few Google Ad accounts, and I developed the list below of 19 Questions. Going over each of these audit questions with business owners has allowed us to develop strategies to quickly fix current campaigns and plan new more effective campaigns.

Google Ad Dashboard – Overview

Feel free to use these questions to examine your Google Ad Account. If you are a small business owner and did a quick Google Ad setup, and don’t understand a large number of these questions, hire someone to help you! Every month you are spending money on Google Ads without proper setup and knowledge, you are wasting time and money.

19 Questions for a Google Ad Audit

  1. Campaign Themes and Networks Organized?
  2. Geographic targeting is appropriate for goals?
  3. Are you controlling your brand keywords?
  4. Are single keyword ad groups appropriate for this client?
  5. Are you testing two or more ads per ad group?
  6. Ad spelling and Grammar?
  7. Conversion sources? Are there duplicates?
  8. Conversion Count? Ecommerce should have conversion action multiple times.
  9. Conversion Window appropriately set?
  10. Are extensions optimized for maximum impact?
  11. Are CTR and Conversion Rates good?
  12. Are keyword max CPC set at an individual level and not campaign level?
  13. Are there negative keywords?
  14. Are keywords resulting in Conversions and not just clicks?
  15. Are landing pages optimized for Campaign Groups and Goals?
  16. Are campaign bids adjusted for each type of device?
  17. Google Optimization Recommendations?
  18. Tracking all possible conversions?
  19. Change History Report – expect changes at least every 14-30 days.